Community Consolidated School District 181

How to Sign Into Adobe Spark

Below are the steps for signing into Adobe Spark.

  1. On student Chromebooks and MacBook Airs, within the bookmarks bar of Google Chrome is a folder either called Learning Tools (Chromebooks) or Managed Bookmarks (MacBook Airs). In this folder is a link for Adobe Spark; select this.Step_1.png
  2. Enter your school email address, do not enter a password (leave blank), click Sign in with Enterprise ID.Step_2.png
  3. You will see a couple different windows cycle through that detail you are being signed in.Step_3.png
  4. You will be presented with the Adobe Spark landing page. You can click Block on the show notifications from You can also uncheck the box for receiving the newsletter. Click the blue Continue button to complete the sign in process.Step_4.png
  5. Finally you reach the Adobe Spark dashboard.Step_5.png
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