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Configure Google Backup and Sync

Below are the steps to configure the Google Backup and Sync app.


Set up Backup and Sync

  1. Launch the Backup and Sync app from Spotlight or find it in the Applications folderStep_1.png
  2. Click Get StartedStep_2.png
  3. Enter your email address and passwordStep_3.png
  4. Click Got ItStep_4.png
  5. Click NextStep_5.png
  6. Click Got ItStep_6.png
  7. Click StartStep_7.png
  8. Notice the new app in the menu bar. This will animate depending on whether or not files are being uploaded into your Google Drive account.Step_8.png


Downloading Backed Up Files

  1. When logged into Google Drive in a web browser, click on the new section called ComputersRestore_1.png
  2. Click on the particular machine from which you need to restore dataRestore_2.png
  3. Navigate to the file that needs to be restoredRestore_3.png
  4. Right click on the file and select DownloadRestore_4.png
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