Community Consolidated School District 181

Adding Inventory Users

At the beginning of the year, our updated student/staff rosters are imported into Asset Tiger manually. Changes that occur mid-year such as new staff and students, might require that a user be added to the inventory system manually. The instructions below cover this process:

1. Pull up the asset you wish to check out to the new user and select More Actions→Check Out. Pictured below is a blank/empty search for the non-existent user Leroy Jenkins


2. To add a user, click the "New" button to the right of the user search box

3. The new user editing window appears, enter the information as follows:

Full Name/Username = First Name + Last Name + [username] (e.g. Johnathan Smith [johnathansmith29])

Employee ID = School Year + Student (e.g. 2018-2019 Student)

Site = CCSD 181

Location = School


4. Click "Submit" to create the user and return to the asset check out page


5. Click "Check-out" to assign the asset to the newly-created user

6. Confirm the assignment went through by looking at the asset's "Status" and "Assigned to" fields.



At this point the user has been created successfully and the asset is properly assigned.

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