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[MacBook Air] Device Collection

Middle School Device Collection

For the 2018-19 school year 8th grade one-to-one devices must be given to their advisory teacher by the dates listed below. Any stickers or other markings should be removed by the student from their device prior to turn in. 


Wednesday, June 5th - 8th Graders will turn their devices

Equipment To Be Collected

  • Carrying Bag
  • Device Charger
  • MacBook Air

Device Collection Process

  1. Bins will be circulated to the rooms by HDTs
  2. Spreadsheets of rosters (the check in sheet) will be provided to all schools / teachers by District tech
  3. Teachers will check a student in by:
    1. Calling the student up
    2. Verify the student has the bag/case, charger, and MacBook Air
    3. Verify that the asset ID on the laptop matches the value on the spreadsheet. If it doesn't note the actual asset ID in the notes column on the Google sheet.
    4. Note turned in equipment on the sheet
    5. Note missing equipment on the sheet
  4. Student places device in bin
  5. Teacher hands student yearbook
  6. HDTs will close up & collect bins into centralized, secure location for summer tech interns to pick up
  7. Principals will email student families that have not turned their devices in (note that tardy equipment will need to be turned in directly to the building Help Desk tech, not the advisory teacher)
  8. The district tech team will review the check-in sheet and assess fees for missing equipment in Skyward
  9. If devices are still not turned in and/or paid for, they will be assumed stolen and will be reported to police
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