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How Do I Get Added To An Email Group?

If you've taken a look at your district email groups and noticed you're not on an email list that you should be, the steps to get you added vary based on the type of group involved. Once you've noted the group(s) you need to be added to, follow the steps below (based on the group type that matches):


Building-Level Groups (ie all Lane staff, Madison 2nd grade teachers, etc) - Contact your building secretary or principal to add you to the group.


District-Wide Announcements ( - Submit a Help Desk Ticket and we'll get you added.


Specialized Groups (special ed, reading specialists) - Contact Amy Bishop or Yesenia Gonzalez in the Department of Learning to be added to these specialized groups.


Union Groups (HCHTA/HESS, etc) - Contact Sharon Arvis or Angela Rangel in the Human Resources department to be added.


If you're unsure of which group type your group falls into, submit a Help Desk ticket and we'll sort it out!


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