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[iPad] Enrollment Process

At the beginning of the year, 1:1 students must go through the enrollment process with their iPads in order to start using them. This consists of signing in to the device, signing in to the student's district Apple ID, and finally receiving assigned apps.

The full enrollment process for 1:1 students is as follows:

1. After powering on the iPad, swipe to begin the setup steps, selecting English and United States as the respective language and region.

2. Select the WiFi network "Enroll", which has no password

3. Once connected, enable Location Services

4. A page should load with the message that the district will automatically manage the iPad, tap next.

5. A login page will appear, see the picture below for the information to use


6. After the student has logged in to the iPad, they need to sign in to their district Apple ID; the tech department will provide this login information prior to the start of school.


7. After the student has entered his/her Apple ID and temporary password, they'll be prompted to choose their own password (this should match their computer login password)

8. Once the Apple ID password has been changed, the student may need to agree to the terms and conditions and then tap "Get Started" to be brought to the home screen.

9. Depending on class size, apps should begin to install within 15 minutes and will likely take a few hours to complete.


The above steps outline the normal enrollment process, if you run into issues, check out the enrollment issues article for specifics on how to proceed when issues arise.


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