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[iPad] Enrollment Process

Rolling out 1:1 iPads consists of 2 main steps:

- Initial Setup: Signing in to the management system and the student's Apple ID

- Downloading apps (done on-demand after setup)

Initial Setup:

The first part (the enrollment process) is as follows (apologies for the screenshots, Apple removed the ability to record the setup process, so we're at the whim of my photography skills):

1. After powering on the iPad, press the home button to enter setup, then select English and United States as the respective language and region.

2. At the Quick Start screen, tap "Set Up Manually" at the far bottom of the screen


3. Next, join the "Enroll" WiFi network (no password to connect)

4. Tap "Next" at the Remote Management screen; students will enter their username and the password "1", finally tapping "Next" again to proceed


5. Students will then need to enter their Apple ID (their previously-entered, tap "Next", then enter the temp password (111111) before tapping "Next" again


6. At this point, students will be prompted to enter a 6 digit password 3 times (tap "Next" after each)

1. Enter the old/temporary password (ie 111111)

2. Enter the new password (0 + student ID #)

3. Re-enter the new password (0 + student ID #)

7. Once the password is changed, enable Location Services



8. At this point the iPad should be at the "Welcome to iPad" screen, have the kids tap "Get Started" when finished to access the device itself.

Downloading Apps

Apps won't be rolled out automatically, but will instead be available to download on-demand via the App Catalog app/Web Clip (pictured below). Students can launch the App Catalog and download apps as needed. Once they tap install, apps should download within a few minutes.



The above steps outline the normal enrollment process, if you run into issues, check out the enrollment issues article for specifics on how to proceed when issues arise.


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