Community Consolidated School District 181

Submitting A Ticket

Once you've signed in to the Help Desk, submitting a ticket is a simple and straightforward process.

1. Click the "Submit A Request" button in the upper-right

2. Select the ticket form that matches up with the support you need:


School Technology** - All general tech issues (printer not working, internet is down, etc)

Assistive Technology - Specialized support for staff that work with students on the Assistive Tech caseload (generally IEP/504 students)

iOS App - Review Request - Specialized form to submit an iPad app to the App Review Committee (necessary to use an app on student and/or shared iPads)

iOS App - Install Request - Specialized form to request that a previously approved/recommended app be installed on staff, student, or shared iPads


**For issues that fall under the School Technology ticket category, you can also simply email your issue to The Help Desk will generate a new ticket based on your email address, email subject, and the details of the issue contained in the body of the email. Note that if you are at multiple buildings, tickets submitted via email will be created at your home school. To select which building you want the ticket created at, submit the ticket via the standard web form above. Assistive Tech as well as iOS App tickets should still be submitted through the standard web form method.

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