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[iPad] Resetting Apple ID Passwords

**This process requires using your district Managed Apple ID (ie**

In the event a student forgets their Apple ID password, every classroom teacher has a specialized Apple ID that gives them access to reset the password for the Apple ID in question. The Apple ID used here is specifically designed for use with Apple School Manager and related services (like Apple Classroom and Apple Schoolwork).

1. First, log in to the Apple School Manager portal using your specialized district Apple ID (provided by the tech department)

  • Your username should be your first initial + last (e.g. Pete Jones would be
  • Your password will be something you choose during the initial account setup. If you cannot remember your password, please submit a help desk ticket

2. Once you login, you'll be prompted to enter a verification code sent to the phone number you provided during your initial login to the specialized Apple ID

3. Once logged in, click on the "Accounts" tab under the "People" section if you're not there already


4. Search for & select the account you need to reset, it will highlight once selected


5. The user's information will load to the right of the user list, including the option to reset the account password towards the top. Note the student's ID number (in the "Person Number" field) as this will become the new password/passcode.


6. You'll be prompted to choose a temporary password (generally just 111111)


7. Select the option to export as a CSV or PDF, then click "Continue"


7. The new login info will be displayed and the temporary password should match what you specified earlier. You can click the "Download" button to optionally download a local copy of the login info in PDF or CSV form.


8. You can now use the temp password with the student to sign into their Apple ID. Using the student ID # from the Person ID field, you can use that as the new passcode (with a leading 0). Once the new password is set, the student should have full access to their Apple ID.

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