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[iPad] All About Apple IDs


Why Do We Use/Need Apple IDs?

Historically, we needed Apple IDs to send out apps to iPads. While we no longer need an Apple ID for that, we do need it for the following:

- iCloud Backups (ie backing up the students data should the iPad be damaged)

- Document syncing (as a fallback if the iCloud backups fail)

- iTunes U (Apple IDs are required for iTunes U courses)

What's Different About District Apple IDs?

Easier Setup/Management

Whereas students had to set up their own district-linked Apple IDs with their parents before, the tech department is now able to create Apple IDs for every 1:1 student without parental involvement (and still maintain FERPA/COPPA compliance).

Different Naming Structure

Previously, Apple IDs followed the format [email protected], now they follow the format [email protected]

Password Resets

Should a student forget their Apple ID password, teachers now have the ability to reset passwords. See the separate write-up on that process here.

No App Store

Managed Apple IDs cannot buy apps or music (Apple categorizes them as non-commerce accounts). The App Store app will not appear on 1:1 iPads as a result.


Apple has their own support article on Managed Apple IDs, which you can find here.


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