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[iPad] Enrollment Issues

While the enrollment process is generally smooth, hiccups can occur given the number of students we have enrolling at the beginning of the year. The most common issues with the enrollment process are outlined below, including next steps to take.

An iPad can't join the "Enroll" network, or it asks for a WiFi password

If a student can't join the network, or is prompted to enter a password when he/she joins, have the student fully power off the device and then turn it back on. Once booted back up, attempt to re-join the network.

The iPad says it could not download the device configuration, configuration profile, etc

This is generally caused by a temporary network problem. The student should be able to power off the iPad, power it back on, then repeat the enrollment steps. In most cases the issue does not recur.

A student's username and password isn't working during the first login step (ie the non-Apple ID login)

First confirm that the username corresponds with the students computer login username (first + last name + two-digit high school graduation year). Re-type the password "1" (no quotes) to confirm the login info is correct. If after tapping next the login doesn't succeed, submit a Help Desk ticket listing the affected student(s).

A student's Apple ID login isn't working

Confirm the student's Apple ID username and temporary password match the card that was furnished by the tech department. Student Apple IDs differ slightly from email addresses and end with If after re-typing the info the login still fails, there is likely an issue with the Apple ID password itself; submit a Help Desk ticket listing the affected student(s) and we can issue a new temporary password.

Apple won't accept a student's login password as the Apple ID password

Certain students may have passwords that don't meet Apple's requirements. In these cases, the student can modify his/her password (e.g. Tree7778 to Tree7798, or House3739 to House3739!). Avoiding 3 repeating characters and adding special symbols like ! or ? generally satisfy Apple's requirements. The student should note this password so they don't forget it. It is not necessary to change all the other passwords.

A student chose the wrong setting (e.g. language/region settings, disabling location services)

Each enrollment menu (save for the very last one) should contain a "Back" button in the upper-left corner. If, for example, a student chooses Portuguese as the device language, they can (once the iPad has switched languages) tap the button in the upper-left to return to the language selection screen and change back to English.

 A student enrolled successfully, but apps are not downloading

Once enrolled, an iPad should check in with the management system and begin to download apps in roughly 5-10 minutes. The more devices that enroll, however, the slower this will go. The first students to enroll should start auto-downloading apps within a few minutes, but it may take a few hours for the entire class to download all the assigned apps.

If you run into another issue not listed here, please submit a Help Desk ticket--you're likely not the only one affected by it and the tickets help identify, diagnose, and solve issues to everyone's benefit.

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