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Locating Missing iPads

During the course of the school year, a student can misplace their iPad from time to time. Usually the iPad will turn up in a desk, in a locker, or somewhere at home. In some cases, the iPad still can't be found after a few days and that's where this guide comes in to play.

Locating the iPad

Beginning with the '16-'17 school year, Find My iPhone is no longer on the iPads and has been replaced by a more reliable admin-level location tracking feature built into iOS. Should an iPad need to be located, submit a help desk ticket so that your Help Desk Tech can locate the device and notify you of the location.

Retrieving The iPad

- If the student recognizes the location (ie their house, school, a friend's house, etc), they can check for the iPad there with their parents (or we can help search for it at school)

If the student doesn't recognize the location, it's possible the iPad was stolen, at which point the parents should contact the police, who can assist with the recovery--the family should not try to retrieve the iPad if it's in an unrecognized location.

Reporting A Lost/Stolen iPad

If the iPad's location can't be identified (due to dead battery, lack of WiFi, etc) and the student has searched at home (and school) to no avail:

- If the iPad was last seen at home, the parents need to file a police report that the iPad was lost/stolen

- If the iPad was last seen at school, the district is responsible for filing a police report--the police need the person at the school that best knows the details of the disappearance to file the report

Replacing The iPad

In the event an iPad can't be located by our management system, or found after an extensive search at home and at school, a replacement device can be ordered once a police report has been filed. Once that's done, relay the report number to and an order can then be placed through the district's insurance company.

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