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[iPad] Device Collection

For the 2017-18 school year all 5th grade student iPads must be given to their building HelpDesk Technician by Monday, June 4th. Collecting prior to the 4th is completely fine. Please contact your HelpDesk tech to confirm when you will be turning in the devices. 1:1 sections are allowed to use the devices through the last day of school, but they must stop going home by June 4th.

Equipment Collected:

- iPad, powered off and stored in school-issued case

- Charger

- Cable

Almost all the returned cables/chargers should be the standard Apple issue:

Some students may have received an alternate charger like the one below:

Others may have also received an alternate cable like the one below:


Chargers or cables that don't match the above or what originally came with the device cannot be accepted and are counted as not returned/lost. If these are collected they will be discarded and the school will be responsible for covering the cost of the replacement.

Below are two examples of older accessories that cannot be accepted from students and staff in a 1:1 environment:





What if a student lost his/her cable or charger (or returned an unsupported one)?

If a student loses a charger or cable, the family should write a check (made payable to CCSD 181) for the replacement cost ($19 for a charger or cable, $38 for both).

What do we do with the payment for missing equipment?

After the collection window has closed, the checks/payments for missing equipment (along with details as to who the funds were received from/for what) should be sent to Rob DuChateau at the Admin Center via interoffice mail. From there the business office will be consulted to process payment.

What if a student cannot find his/her iPad?

There's a separate protocol for replacing lost/stolen iPads, see the write-up on that here.

What if a family can't afford to replace the equipment?

Students who receive support services under Title 1 or are fee-waiver eligible can be exempted from these fees. Students with other extenuating circumstances can be exempted on a case-by-case basis. In such an instance, the building principal should be briefed and then should contact the tech department directly to request an exemption.


If you have other questions not addressed above, please submit a Help Desk ticket so we can take a closer look.

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