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[iPad] Device Collection

Elementary School Device Collection

For the 2018-19 school year 5th grade 1-to-1 devices must be turned in by Thursday, June 6th. Any stickers or other markings should be removed by the student from their device prior to turn in. 


Thursday, June 6th - Students will turn in their iPads, chargers, cables, and cases

Equipment To Be Collected:

  • Charger (pictured at end of article)
  • Charging cable (pictured at end of article)
  • iPad, powered off and stored in school-issued case

Device Collection Process

  1. Help Desk techs will distribute storage bins prior to the June 6th turn-in date.
  2. Each school/teacher will be provided with a class roster in spreadsheet form, which will double as a check-in sheet for all the student devices/equipment
  3. On the 6th, teachers should check in their students individually by:
    1. Confirming the student's iPad tag matches what is listed on the check-in sheet. Add the tag number to the notes section of the sheet if there is a discrepancy
    2. Confirming the case, charger, and charging cable have been returned. Any missing equipment should be noted on the check-in sheet
    3. Noting damage to any of the equipment on the check-in sheet 
  4. The checked-in iPad, case, cable, and charger can be placed in the storage bin
  5. The building Help Desk tech will close up the packed bins and arrange for their collection in a central location
  6. Principals will email student families that have not turned their devices in (note that tardy equipment will need to be turned in directly to the building Help Desk tech, not the classroom teacher)
  7. The district tech team will review the check-in sheet and assess fees for missing equipment in Skyward.
  8. The district team will send families with any missing devices a final notice before turning the matter over to police.

Charger.JPG            Cable.JPG

The Apple charger (left) and cable (right) that should be turned in with the iPad/case

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