Community Consolidated School District 181

Access/Logging In

Direct Method

The inventory system is hosted externally and can be accessed at its direct URL: 

Logins to the inventory are not bound to Open Directory and adhere to the following pattern:

Username - Your district email address

Password - Initially a generic value (e.g. password2017) and then set to a unique value following the first login 

For instructions on how to change your password (either from the default, or simply to update it), see that article here.


Help Desk Method

For added convenience, the inventory database can be accessed from the help desk directly. The sidebar in the agent interface of the help desk contains a green asset label icon that, when clicked, will open an embedded copy of the inventory system.

The first time you launch it, you'll need to log in with your inventory credentials. If you choose to save your credentials, you should not need to re-authenticate each time you access the inventory system via the help desk.

The sidebar icon serves essentially as an independent tab; you can open it to look up an asset, then click the views icon to pull up a ticket, and switch back to the asset inventory via the icon anytime thereafter--without losing your place in either the ticket tab or the inventory database.

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