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Recycling An Asset

When recycling an asset, the key concerns are:

- Unlinking from a user

- Updating the status

- Updating the location

Asset Tiger has a built-in "Dispose" feature that accomplishes the first two tasks above, which makes the process that much simpler. To dispose of an asset:

1. Either load its asset info page or locate it in the assets list and check the box next to it.

2. Click the "More Actions" menu, then click "Dispose".


3. Provide a disposal reason in the resulting window and click "Dispose" to confirm.

4. Once disposed, an asset is automatically checked in and has its status changed to "Disposed". The last step is updating the location to *Recycled Assets so it does not appear to be located at a school. That can be done by editing the asset's location field itself, which is covered in the Editing Basic Asset Information article.

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