Community Consolidated School District 181

Adding An Asset

Once logged in, an asset can be created from any page by clicking the "Add an Asset" button in the top menu


This will open the asset creation window, where you can enter the information for the asset you're looking to create.

Entering Asset Information

For all assets being added, record the following information in the appropriate fields:

- Description (asset name, e.g. Prospect-StudentiPad-Smith)

- Asset Tag ID

- Purchase Date**

- Model (lookup matching models for correct spelling/naming pattern)

- Cost**

- Serial Number

- Manufacturer

- PO Number**

- Order Number**

- Funding Source** (i.e. who paid for the device)

- Category

- Location

**You can generally get this information from the building secretary/whoever purchased the asset. District-deployed assets will contain this info already.

Assigning Assets to Users

Once an asset is created, you can assign it by loading its info page (click on its asset ID from the list, then click "More Details"), then clicking the "More Actions" menu in the upper-right, then "Check out"



Fill out the check-out info (date, assigned user/category) and add a note along the lines of "Initial Deployment". The assigned user needs to match either the specific staff/student to which the asset it assigned, or one of the 3 generic accounts outlined in the overview article. The user determines the device's status as well as its use--Shared Asset for example would mean a device is actively deployed as a shared device, Tech Asset would mean it's deployed as a general technology asset (a projector, for example).

Once assigned to a user, the asset entry is updated to show the new status and assignee:



Once the asset information and assigned user have been entered, asset creation is complete. 

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