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The district uses Asset Tiger as its asset management system. The core function of Asset Tiger is to track our tech assets' locations and record to whom they are assigned; the specificity of these records varies based on individual vs shared deployments.

Individual Deployments:

Assets assigned to specific staff and students should reflect that by being checked out to those individual users (e.g. if teacher Pete Jones is assigned a MacBook Air, the asset will be checked out to his user account in Asset Tiger)

Shared Deployments

Assets not assigned to specific individuals are considered generic deployments and are checked out to specialized users in Asset Tiger:

Shared Asset - End-user devices used amongst a large group (Shared iPads, laptops, etc)

Tech Asset - Equipment assigned to locations vs people (e.g. projector, printer, doc cam, things people don't take with them)

AT Shared Asset - Similar to "Shared Asset" above, but specific to devices on the Assistive Tech caseload (e.g. ECE shared iPads)


When an asset it not assigned to any of these users, it's considered undeployed/ready for checkout.


Asset Tiger's core functions/features are expanded upon in the articles below:

Adding An Asset

Editing Basic Asset Information

Recycling an Asset

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