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Print From An iPad/iPhone

Certain printers at each school have been setup for printing from mobile devices (like iPads). These special printers have a unique email address that allows them to print PDF and image files (.jpg, .png, etc) that are sent to them:


School Printer Email


CHMS 3rd Hallway B&W

CHMS Rm 318 Color

Elm 4th Grade Hall B&W

Elm Hallway Copier

Elm MRC Copier


Madison Art B&W

Madison Lab B&W

Madison Lab Color

Madison Wkrm 2 B&W


Monroe Elevator Copier

Monroe Lab Color

Monroe Rm 108 B&W


Oak Rm 8 B&W

Oak Rm 19 B&W

Oak Rm 21 B&W

Oak Wkrm Copier Left


Prospect Lab B&W

Prospect Lab Color

Prospect Wkrm 2 B&W

The Lane Lane MRC B&W


Walker 2nd Hall B&W

Walker LC Color


To print from an iPad, simply email the document(s) you want to print to one of the specially-configured printers above. This will require either the built-in Mail app or another app (like GMail) to be configured with your district email account first. Instructions on how to do that can be found below:


Apple Mail



To print a document, the app must support email as a sharing option. The example workflow below is done from the Pages and Mail apps:


While each app may look slightly different, you can generally access the email sharing option by tapping on the share button and then tapping send a copy/email/[open in] Mail


Configured mail clients will appear as a share option, choose whichever mail app you use


If prompted, choose the PDF option--other filetypes will not print


A draft email layout should display the target printer (in the "To:" field), as well as the document(s) that will be printed


You should receive an email confirmation after your print job is received; you can see more details about the print job by clicking the link and logging in with your computer username and password:



Once a job appears as "Sent to printer" in the printer status window, it should print shortly!

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