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Mobile Printing Guide (iPad, Chromebooks, etc)

Beginning in January 2018, all printing from iPads and Chromebooks goes through the district's email-to-print system.


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Certain printers at each school have been setup for printing from mobile devices (like iPads). These special printers have a unique email address that allows them to print PDF and image files (.jpg, .png, etc) that are sent to them:

Supported Printers:

School Printer Email
CHMS 2nd Hall East B&W
CHMS 2nd Hall West B&W
CHMS 3rd Hall East B&W
CHMS 3rd Hall West B&W
Elm Elm 4th Grade Hall B&W
Elm Hallway Copier
Elm MRC Copier
Madison Madison Lab B&W
Madison Wkrm 2 B&W
Monroe Monroe Elevator Copier
Monroe Lab B&W
Oak Oak MRC B&W
Oak Wkrm Copier Left
Prospect Prospect Lab B&W
Prospect Wkrm 2 B&W
The Lane Lane MRC B&W
Lane Wkrm B&W
Walker Walker Art Hall B&W
Walker 2nd Hall B&W
Walker Hallway Copier



Printing From An iPad

To print from an iPad, email the document(s) you want to print to one of the printers above. This will require either the built-in Mail app or another app (like GMail) to be configured with your district email account first. Instructions on how to do that can be found below:

Apple Mail


To print a document, the app must support email as a sharing option. The example workflow below is done using the Pages and Mail apps:


While each app may look slightly different, you can generally access the email sharing option by tapping on the share button and then tapping send a copy/email/[open in] Mail


Configured mail clients will appear as a share option, choose whichever mail app you use


If prompted, choose the PDF option--other file types will not print


A draft email layout should display the target printer (in the "To:" field), as well as the document(s) that will be printed 

Once you've emailed the job, you should receive a confirmation email with some additional info (Click to jump to the notifications section of the article)


Printing From A Chromebook

To print from a Chromebook, you must download a copy of your work as a PDF (or an image file like .jpg or .png). Once that's downloaded, you attach the file to an email and send it to one of the printers in the list at the top of the article. In the screenshots below, the process to export your work (Google Docs is shown) and then attach the downloaded file to email is outlined:


As long as you can export the content to a .pdf, .jpg, or .png, you can print it.


To print the file you just exported, attach it to an email and send to the printer's email address.


Notifications/Checking Job Status

After you've submitted a print job, you'll receive a notification with the status of the job:

Most emails will contain a link to check the status of the job in real time should something go wrong. Click on the link (or go to and sign in with your computer username and password (not your email login) to see a more detailed readout of the job status. 

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