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Inventory Process For 1:1 Device Swaps

The following is the process for completing the inventory work for swapping 1:1 devices. (Note, that this information is embedded into the iPad write-up, so the guide below is more for Middle School devices.

Help Desk

When a device needs to be exchanged for a new unit, please enter both the Asset Tag Number and Replacement Tag # in the left column of the Help Desk ticket window.




Asset Tiger

Update the two assets in the inventory system (see here for articles on inventory management)

- Check In Old Asset

- Include a note as to why it was checked in (ie "Replacing device due to cracked screen")

- Update location to CCSD181→*District Tech Office (can leave department blank)

- Update New Asset

- Check out to the specific student user (ie. Pete Jones [petejones28])

- Update location (as needed)

- Update Asset Name field


Go ahead and send the unusable device to the Admin center in care of Mike (Chromebooks/MacBook Airs), or Rob (iPads)


After the Help Desk and inventory have been updated, you are all set! Thank you for helping us keep track of our system and assets. It helps us make sure which students have which devices and also helps us keep track of repairs, budgeting, and any trends with devices.

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