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Receive Google Spreadsheet Notifications

To receive notifications when changes are made to a specific Google Sheet:

1. Open the Google Sheet and then click on "Tools→Notification rules..." to open the editor


2. Click "Add another notification rule", then choose the options that best match when you're looking to be notified:

- Any changes are made (generally recommended) vs A user submits a form: Choose the former to be notified when any edits are made to the spreadsheet, or the latter to only receive updates when a user fills out a form linked to the spreadsheet

- Email - daily digest vs Email - right away: Daily digest emails send out a summary of changes for the previous day at around 4am; The "right away" option will send out an email immediately after changes are made


3. Click "Save" when you've chosen your settings and confirm that a new notification rule appears in the window:


4. Click done to return to the spreadsheet. You should receive notifications going forward as edits are made. See below for an example of a daily digest email notification, noting the different links to open a version highlighting the changes that were made (top link) vs loading the normal spreadsheet (middle link):


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