Community Consolidated School District 181

Technology Department Go-To List

 Area of Focus  Primary  Secondary
 Administrator iPhones  Matt Kunesh  Rob DuChateau
 Atriuum  Matt Kunesh  Rob DuChateau 
 Assistive Technology  Randy Wooten  Abby Rodriguez
 Canvas  Matt Kunesh  Rob DuChateau
 Computer Log Ins  Matt Kunesh  Michael Frankovic
 District Website  Mary Brija  Matt Kunesh
 Gmail & Google Docs  Rob DuChateau  Michael Frankovic
 Hardware  Michael Frankovic  Rob DuChateau
 Zendesk  Rob DuChateau   Matt Kunesh
 Skyward  Nick Skrip  Stephanie Gardner
 Installed Software  Matt Kunesh  Michael Frankovic
 iPads  Rob DuChateau  Matt Kunesh
 Online Assessments  Matt Kunesh  Stephanie Gardner
 Network Outage  Matt Kunesh  Rob DuChateau
 Printers\Copiers\ImageTec  Rob DuChateau  Rob DuChateau
 Projectors  Michael Frankovic  Rob DuChateau
 SMARTBoards  Michael Frankovic  Rob DuChateau
 Aesop  Nick Skrip  Stephanie Gardner 
 Wireless  Matt Kunesh  Rob DuChateau
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