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District 181 has implemented the Securly web filter. Securly will filter websites on student devices to prevent access to inappropriate content. When accessing the Internet at home students may be prompted to sign into Securly with their District 181 gmail account before they are able to access the Internet. For example when a student uses the IXL app on their iPad, they will not be prompted to sign into Securly. However if a student attempts to visit YouTube, they will be prompted to sign into Securly. The sign-in process is outlined below. While the screenshots are of iOS, similar steps would be performed on Chromebook and MacBook Air.

Securly Sign-In Procedure

  1. From the iPad home screen, launch the Safari browser
  2. Enter a website address ( is shown here as an example)
  3. Students will automatically be redirected to the Securly sign in page shown here
  4. Tap the Login with Google button to load the Google sign in screen
  5. Students will type in their District 181 email address and tap next
  6. Students will type in their email address password and tap next
  7. Students will be prompted to allow to access their gmail account. This is so the Securly web filter can authenticate the student’s email address (note that this should only happen on their initial login)
  8. The student will then be able to the web page they tried to load in Step 1. This session will be active until the web session cookie expires (after several hours). At that time the student will need to re-authenticate to the web filter again.


Blocked Website

If students try to navigate to blocked websites, they will be shown a Securly web page detailing that the web page was blocked. In this example we are trying to access

  1. For example, a student enters into their web browser
  2. Students are shown a message that they are not permitted to access that particular web page
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