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Install Read&Write For Google Chrome

**Update September 2017--Read&Write and the supporting extensions are now auto-installed on all student Chromebooks. The instructions below are only necessary if the extensions are missing**

Read&Write for Google Chrome consists of three parts, the main extension and the supplemental screenshot and PDF readers. Instructions to install these three extensions are as follows:

1. For students, you should have a pushed bookmarks folder called "Learning Tools" or "Managed Bookmarks" in the bookmarks bar of the Chrome Browser--click on a link to load the installer for that extension. 


For staff (or students without the bookmarks above), you can access the extension installers via the links below:

Read&Write For Google Chrome™

Read&Write Screenshot Reader

Texthelp PDF Reader

2. Click the blue "Add To Chrome" button, then the "Add extension" button to confirm the install


3.  The extension should now be installed! This can be confirmed by the green "Added to Chrome" status, as well as the new icon in the Chrome menu (both pictured below)



4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the other two extensions


In the event you're prompted for a code/license, enter G3CMPFVJ.



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