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[Chrome] Type Spanish Accents on Chromebooks

Out of the box Chromebooks are not configured to have Spanish accent marks enabled by default. There are a few steps one must follow to enable expanded keyboard support for this functionality.

  1. Tap near the clockScreenshot_2020-10-20_at_2.07.48_PM.png
  2. Tap the Settings gear icon in the menu that appearsScreenshot_2020-10-20_at_2.07.57_PM.png
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings menu and click AdvancedScreenshot_2020-10-20_at_2.08.09_PM.png
  4. Scroll down to the Language and input section and select the arrow next to Languages and InputScreenshot_2020-10-20_at_2.08.14_PM.png
  5. Tap the arrow next to Manage input methodsScreenshot_2020-10-20_at_2.08.18_PM.png
  6. Select the checkbox next to US International keyboardScreenshot_2020-10-20_at_2.08.35_PM.png
  7. Select the back arrow next to Manage input methods
  8. Tap the new keyboard option called US International Keyboard (you should see a green Enabled notifier for that keyboard when you select it)Screenshot_2020-10-20_at_2.08.49_PM.png
  9. As a test load up a Google Doc. You can now hold down the right Alt (not the alt on the left side of the keyboard, but the right side) and press a, e, i, o, u, or n to create Spanish characters.
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