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Mirror your Chromebook to a Chromecast Device

Each middle school classroom is outfitted with both an Apple TV (for teachers) and a Chromecast (for Chromebooks) to wirelessly project. Mirroring from the MacBook Airs is still done via the AirPlay menu in the top menu bar and is not covered here. The instructions to mirror from a Chromebook are below:

  1. From the Chromebook home screen, click or tap the area near the clock to bring up the device hardware information.
  2. You will see a section that states "Cast devices available" so click or tap that option.
  3. A list of Chromecast devices will be displayed. Click or tap the device that corresponds to your current room.
  4. You will be presented with the option to share your entire screen, or only certain tabs in the Chrome browser. Select what you prefer to share, and click or tap Share.
  5. If you look at the area near the clock again, you will notice a small Chromecast icon that signifies you are actively mirroring your display to the Chromecast.
  6. Click or tap the area near the clock again and you will see a section that details the Chromecast device you are actively mirroring to.
  7. Tap the stop button to stop mirroring to the Chromecast.
  8. Notice that the Chromecast icon is gone from the clock area.


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