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Mirror your Chromebook or MacBook Air screen to a Chromecast Device

New for the 2017-18 school year are Chromecast devices at the Middle Schools. These devices replace previously-used Apple TVs. Wirelessly mirroring your Chromebook or MacBook Air to a Chromecast is fairly similar to the Airplay process on our macOS or iOS devices. Wireless mirroring your MacBook Air to a Chromecast requires additional software called AirParrot. Below you will find the installation and usage instructions for AirParrot.


Mirror From A Chromebook

  1. From the Chromebook home screen, click or tap the area near the clock to bring up the device hardware information.
  2. You will see a section that states "Cast devices available" so click or tap that option.
  3. A list of Chromecast devices will be displayed. Click or tap the device that corresponds to your current room.
  4. You will be presented with the option to share your entire screen, or only certain tabs in the Chrome browser. Select what you prefer to share, and click or tap Share.
  5. If you look at the area near the clock again, you will notice a small Chromecast icon that signifies you are actively mirroring your display to the Chromecast.
  6. Click or tap the area near the clock again and you will see a section that details the Chromecast device you are actively mirroring to.
  7. Tap the stop button to stop mirroring to the Chromecast.
  8. Notice that the Chromecast icon is gone from the clock area.


Mirror From A MacBook Air With AirParrot

  1. Select the Go menu in Finder, and select the Applications folder.
  2. Find the Self Service application and double click to open the app.
  3. From the Self Service main screen, select Install on the AirParrot app.
  4. You can observe the installation status at the top of the Self Service window.
  5. You can quit Self Service once the installation completes. Find the AirParrot app in the applications folder and double click it to launch the app.
  6. A new menu bar item will appear for AirParrot. You will use this menu similarly to how Airplay worked on macOS. Select the AirParrot menu to view a list of Chromecast devices.
  7. Select the the Chromecast device to which you would like to mirror your display.
  8. You will notice that the AirParrot icon turns green when you are actively mirroring to the Chromecast.
  9. When selecting the AirParrot menu again you can see that the active Chromecast device is listed at the top.
  10. Clicking the 'power' icon towards the top will turn off the Chromecast mirror session.
  11. You will notice the icon for AirParrot turn to black when mirroring is disabled.


Mirror A MacBook Air With Chrome Web Browser

You can also cast to your Chromecast via the Chrome web browser if the content you are trying to display is entirely web-based. This tends to lead to the most seamless experience. This will only cast your web browser to the Chromecast, and will not mirror your entire screen.

  1. Select the Settings "dots" on the right side of your Chrome browser
  2. Select the "cast" option towards the bottom of the Settings menu
  3. Select your Chromecast device
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