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How to scan to email on D181 copiers

The District utilizes a centralized directory service system to streamline the management of computer logins and other services. One of the services that also uses this system is the scan to email function of the copiers. Manually managing the list of email addresses on the copiers is not a tenable solution across all the copiers in the district, so the technology department has tied the copiers into our centrally managed directory service system. In order to find your email address through this system on the copier, please follow the steps below.


  1. Tap the Scan/Fax button on the home screen of the copierScanner-01.JPG
  2. Tap the "Addr. Search" button on the left side of the Scan\Fax screen Scanner-02.JPG
  3. Begin to type out the first few characters of your email address; eg — mku Scanner-03.jpeg
  4. Tap the Search button Scanner-04.JPG
  5. Your email address will now appear on the Scan\Fax screen Scanner-05.JPG
  6. You can now press the blue Start button to scan the documents to your email address
  7. Additionally, you can save your email address to the local address book if you wish
    1. Tap Register on the right side of the Scan\Fax screen Scanner-06.jpeg
    2. Tap your name in the screen that appears, and tap OK Scanner-08.JPG
    3. Tap yes on the confirmation screen Scanner-09.jpg
    4. You can now find your name on the Scan\Fax screen by clicking on appropriate alphabetical section (MNO for mkunesh) Scanner-10.JPG
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