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How Do I Print In Color?


By default, all print jobs start as B&W and need to be switched to color in the print settings. Once you switch to a color print mode and send the job to your designated color printer, the job will print in color. Instructions to switch color modes are below, based on the type of device involved.

Switching Color Modes (Printer)

1. From the print screen, click the layout/middle drop-down menu (if you don't see the options pictured below, click the "Show Details" button), then "Imaging"

2. Switch the "Color Mode" setting to "Full color" and print

Switching Color Modes (Copier)

1. From the print screen, click the layout/middle drop-down menu, then "Quality"


2. Switch the "Select Color" setting from Gray Scale to Full Color


Switching Color Modes (Copier-Alternate)

On occasion the above print settings for the copier don't always appear in certain applications. In those cases you should be able to follow the instructions below to print in color:

1. From the print screen, click the middle drop-down menu, then click "Printer Features"


2. This will load a long, scrollable list of the options available for the copier. Scroll down about 90% of the list until you find two matching modes called "Select Color"


3. Flip the setting in either box from "Gray Scale "to "Full Color", click "Continue" should a warning message appear.


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